Make powerful match reports easily

The No. 1 Tool for Scouts

Huge Database

Create games with access to our huge database with valuable data of over 6,000 international teams.

Export PDFs/XMLs

ScoutPad exports your notes and player ratings in a beautiful PDF match report or XML file.

Stunning Design

An intuitive interface speed up the process and makes it fun to rate players and make notes.

Offline Mode

Add a new game in the office and enjoy the game in the stadium without connection troubles.




The No. 1 Tool for Scouts

ScoutPad is being developed to the real daily business in close dialogue with professional Scouts. This process ensures to concentrate on the really important features to acquire the performance of players and teams. We constantly improve the
app, so stay tuned for future developments.

your Scouting Process!

ScoutPad will help you to speed up your scouting and create beautiful match reports.


Set up your most relevant player indicators for your reports as shortcuts.

Export Data

Export your data directly and integrate them into your infrastructure.


Improve your workflow and create automatically XML data and match reports.


As an admin, you’ll have access to all reports of your team.

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